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LOFT40 offers significantly more space than LOFT20.This living container is also completely furnished. Like all containers from Island Loft, the prefabricated house is easy to set up and move if necessary.some plugins. Of course, this model also has a modernWordPress kitchen and bathroom. If so, then this is the right article for you. Of course, this model also has a modern kitchen and bathroom. You choose your interior fittings yourself.

1. Design & Customization

  • Can I adapt my tiny house to my needs?

    Yes, our Tiny Houses are fully customizable. We offer a wide range of customization options for the living area, kitchen, and bathroom to ensure that your Tiny House perfectly matches your needs and preferences.

  • What options do I have for interior design and design?

    During the ordering process, you can configure the interior design and layout of your Tiny House according to your vision in collaboration with our team. We provide you with a diverse selection of materials, colors, finishes, and equipment options that you can combine to create the perfect atmosphere.

  • What amenities is included in the tiny house?

    The basic equipment includes a turnkey interior with PVC windows, flooring, electrical wiring, and outlets. Furthermore, additional options are available that allow you to further customize the Tiny House according to your individual needs and preferences.

  • Do you offer multifunctional furniture?

    We offer a wide range of space-saving smart furniture, specially designed to maximize the limited space. From fold-out beds to multifunctional storage solutions, we assist you in furnishing your tiny house to perfectly match your needs.

  • How should I approach planning my tiny house?

    The planning process of your tiny house project greatly depends on the project scope, model, and land. At IslandLoft, we are by your side throughout the entire planning process. We provide support in selecting the location, cost estimation, financing options, obtaining building permits, and addressing insurance matters.

2. Delivery

  • How long does it take for a tiny house to be delivered?

    The delivery time for a tiny house is typically under 12 weeks. However, please note that this time frame may vary depending on the chosen model. Variations from this timeframe are possible, depending on individual customizations, material availability, and other factors.

  • What delivery options are available?

    To ensure a smooth delivery of your tiny house, we collaborate with various experienced service providers. Typically, our lofts are delivered by truck. For longer deliveries, transportation by ship is also an option. Our aim is to select the safest and most efficient delivery method to ensure that your tiny house arrives in the best condition possible.

  • How much do delivery costs for a tiny house?

    Our delivery costs are more affordable than many other providers, as our lofts can be easily transported by truck and ship without requiring heavy transport or similar methods. The delivery costs for a tiny house vary depending on location, logistical requirements, and model. Once the planning of your project becomes more concrete, we will calculate your individual delivery costs. We always aim for transparency and will ensure that you receive all relevant information regarding delivery costs before placing your order.

  • Can I organize transport myself?

    Yes, you can organize the transportation of your tiny house independently. However, we strongly advise against it. Transport requires special knowledge, experience, and the right equipment to avoid damages. Our longstanding partners specialize in this and can ensure a smooth transport. Your satisfaction and the safety of your tiny house are important to us.

  • Do they deliver internationally?

    Yes, we offer worldwide delivery via land or sea routes. Our international delivery network allows us to deliver your tiny house safely and on time to your desired location. Please note that additional shipping costs and potential customs duties or taxes may apply, depending on your location.

  • Are there additional charges for delivery to remote locations?

    In most cases, there are no additional fees for delivery. We make every effort to ensure that the delivery is as cost-efficient as possible. However, in certain cases, especially when delivering to remote locations, special equipment or vehicles might be required. In such situations, additional charges may apply to ensure the safe and reliable arrival of your tiny house. Before delivery, our shipping team will provide you with all relevant information regarding any potential additional costs. Your satisfaction and the safety of your delivery are our top priorities.

  • Can I track production and my order?

    Yes, we keep you informed about the progress of production and the status of your order. Throughout the entire production process, you’ll receive updates and information about the current status, ensuring that you’re always aware of the phase your tiny house is in. Our goal is to maintain transparency and ensure that you’re well-informed at all times.

3. Technical details

  • What sizes and floor plans are available?

    Our tiny houses are based on shipping containers and come in two main sizes: 20 feet (Loft 20) and 40 feet (Loft 40). These standard sizes provide a solid foundation for your tiny house. Additionally, we offer models like Loft 60, Loft 80, and Loft 100, which cleverly combine 20- and 40-foot containers. Together with our architect, we can create diverse floor plans and spatial designs that match your needs.

  • Can I suggest my own floor plans?

    Yes, we work closely with you to develop a floor plan that aligns with your vision. Our goal is to ensure that your tiny house perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. However, please note that due to the container-based construction, there are certain limitations regarding structure and size. Our experienced designers and architects will do their best to incorporate your ideas and create an optimal floor plan that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • What heating and cooling systems are used?

    Our tiny houses come equipped with a standard air conditioning system that can both cool and heat. As an option, we offer underfloor heating with infrared technology. If desired, preparations can also be made for the installation of a heating stove.

  • How are the tiny houses insulated?

    Our tiny houses are equipped with a specially developed insulation that provides comfortable warmth without drafts and cold walls in the winter, while also keeping the heat out in the summer. Further details can be found in the product catalog.

4. Purchase and financing

  • Is it possible to view a tiny house before buying?

    Absolutely! We have showrooms in Berlin and Stuttgart where you can visit our tiny houses before making a purchase. You can conveniently schedule a viewing through the provided booking link.

  • How much does a tiny house cost?

    The exact costs for our tiny houses are listed in our price list, which provides a detailed overview of the available models, sizes, equipment options, and their corresponding prices.

  • Do you offer financing options?

    Yes, with us, you have the opportunity to benefit from attractive financing options. We collaborate with a partner bank specialized in financing tiny houses. This enables us to offer you tailored financing solutions that take into account your needs and financial capabilities. Our aim is to make the dream of owning your own tiny house as accessible as possible for you.

  • What are the payment modalities?

    For placing an order for an Island Loft, a deposit of 75% of the total amount is required. This deposit is to be made before the start of production and secures your spot in the production queue. The remaining 25% is due before the delivery of your tiny house.

  • How can I order a tiny house?

    The ordering process for your tiny house begins with consultation meetings, during which we discuss your individual wishes and needs together and configure the tiny house. Afterward, a binding offer will be sent. Once you confirm this offer, the order will be placed.

5. Warranty and Guarantee

  • What types of warranty and guarantee do you offer?

    We provide a manufacturer’s warranty of 24 months.

  • How can I claim warranty service?

    In the event of a warranty claim, our service team thoroughly assesses the situation and takes necessary actions for repairs or claims. Your concern will be carefully examined, and our competent service team will ensure that any defects are rectified according to the warranty terms. We strive to ensure that you fully benefit from our warranty coverage. If you need to avail warranty services or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our service team. We are here to assist you.

6. Maintenance and Care

  • How do I care for and maintain my tiny house?

    Due to our specialized construction, maintaining and caring for your Tiny House is remarkably easy and comparable to the upkeep of a regular residential space. To ensure your Tiny House remains in optimal condition, our team provides additional care instructions upon delivery.

6. Standort Vorbereitung

  • What preparations are required for the location of my tiny house?

    To ensure your Tiny House can be optimally placed at your desired location, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the necessary preparation measures. This overview offers clear instructions and recommendations to prepare the site accordingly. From leveling the ground to providing the necessary connections, all relevant aspects are covered to ensure your Tiny House is placed safely and properly. Our goal is to make the site preparation process as straightforward as possible for you. If you have further questions about site preparation, our experts are here to assist you.

  • Does Island Loft oversee the assembly and installation of the tiny house?

    The assembly and installation of Loft 20 and Loft 40 models are usually carried out by customers themselves, as these models can be easily connected to standard utility lines (electricity, water, and sewage). Nevertheless, we also offer our assistance if desired. For Loft 60, Loft 80, and Loft 100, we take care of the installation and assembly of your Tiny House. The exact amount of work and scope for installation and assembly may vary depending on the chosen model. Our experienced professionals are responsible for ensuring that your Tiny House is installed properly and according to the highest quality standards.

  • Do I need special tools or specialist knowledge?

    If you choose to carry out the delivery, installation, and assembly on your own, we recommend that you involve qualified professionals. The installation of a Tiny House requires specific knowledge and skills to ensure that everything is done properly and safely. If you decide to proceed with self-installation, we will provide you with the best possible support and guidance.

7. Legal Aspects

  • Do I need a building permit for a tiny house?

    The majority of our past projects have been implemented without the need for a building permit. There are exceptions where a building permit was required. We assist in the application process by sharing recommendations and providing necessary documents.

  • What type of insurance do I need for my tiny house?

    It is recommended to obtain a standard household insurance, which usually provides adequate coverage for your Tiny House and protects you from various risks. We advise you to get in touch with your insurance provider to discuss the details and scope of insurance coverage, ensuring that your Tiny House is adequately protected. If you have further questions about insuring your Tiny House, we are here to assist you.

9. Sustainability

  • How do your tiny houses promote sustainability?

    The sustainability of Tiny Houses is supported by various factors:

    Material and Resource Efficiency: Compared to conventional houses, container homes require fewer building materials, leading to reduced resource consumption and a lower carbon footprint for the construction project.

    Prefabrication and Swift Construction: Containers come with built-in structural components such as walls, floors, and roofs, allowing for faster construction compared to traditional homes. This reduces the environmental impact associated with the construction phase.

    Flexibility and Portability: Container homes are designed to be easily transported, minimizing potential land-use issues as the house can be relocated to a new site when needed.

    Minimalist Lifestyle: The limited size of container homes promotes a minimalist lifestyle focused on the essentials, contributing to resource conservation and reduced consumption.

    Modular Construction: Containers can be easily assembled into more complex structures, facilitating future expansions or modifications without the need for significant amounts of new materials.

    Overall, these aspects collectively contribute to minimizing ecological impacts and promoting a sustainable way of living.

  • Can I use the tiny house independently?

    Ja, bei uns kannst du Modelle wählen, die autark genutzt werden können. Unsere externen Stromspeicher nutzen Solarenergie, um grünen Strom zu gewährleisten. Optional sind unsere Tiny Häuser mit eigenen Zu- und Abwassertanks ausgestattet, die eine autarke Wasserversorgung ermöglichen. Dadurch kannst du dein Tiny Haus unabhängig und nachhaltig nutzen, ganz gleich, wo es aufgestellt ist. Dank StarLink haben wir außerdem die Möglichkeit, eine zuverlässige Internetverbindung ohne Standortbeschränkungen anzubieten.

  • What is the average lifespan of a tiny house?

    Die durchschnittliche Lebensdauer eines Tiny Hauses beträgt in der Regel über 30 Jahre. Unsere Modelle werden aus Schiffscontainern gefertigt, die normalerweise über 20 Jahre in anspruchsvollen Umgebungen im Einsatz sind. Da unsere Standorte nicht den gleichen Einflüssen ausgesetzt sind, gehen wir von einer erweiterten Lebensdauer aus. Beachte jedoch, dass je nach Nutzung gelegentliche Renovierungen, wie sie auch in herkömmlichen Wohnhäusern üblich sind, notwendig sein können.


    FAQ     FAQ    

LOFT40 offers significantly more space than LOFT20.This living container is also completely furnished. Like all containers from Island Loft, the prefabricated house is easy to set up and move if necessary.some plugins. Of course, this model also has a modernWordPress kitchen and bathroom. If so, then this is the right article for you. Of course, this model also has a modern kitchen and bathroom. You choose your interior fittings yourself.


    FAQ     FAQ    

LOFT40 offers significantly more space than LOFT20.This living container is also completely furnished. Like all containers from Island Loft, the prefabricated house is easy to set up and move if necessary.some plugins. Of course, this model also has a modernWordPress kitchen and bathroom. If so, then this is the right article for you. Of course, this model also has a modern kitchen and bathroom. You choose your interior fittings yourself.